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David Morgan - Pretty 4 Star **** - One4Review

David Morgan – Pretty  4 Star ****

| On 11, Aug 2013

David Morgan is a bright up and coming comedian who has been dubbed as having the best hair on the Fringe by some. Yet it is not his trademark quiff that is attracting attention he is charming and affable often using self-deprecating humour. His ability to include in his show the crowd makes him a like a friend.
He uses a very loose structure to talk about relationships, eliciting audience information frequently, the ins and outs of gay romance and marriage. Image is important to him especially after being dumped for not being beautiful he always photo shops his own publicity shots, except for the one he did in a naked photo shoot for a magazine.
Morgan has an abundance of anecdotes on a variety of facets to his theme, more than enough to fill his hour and comes across as a nice guy as well as a funny comic. His opening story about a gallant act in an Edinburgh nightclub is just one example even if he did rather enjoy the results.
David Morgan will surely be a name more and more people will become aware of in the near future so why not check him out, and not just the hair.
Underbelly Bristo Square
Until 25 August
19.00 to 20.00

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