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Losing the Plot - One4Review

Losing the Plot

| On 20, Aug 2013


John Godber’s play is a lively and contemporary take on the common themes of the battle of the sexes and the mid-life crises of couples in their late forties with teenage children. Steve Huison as Jack and Susan Cookson as his wife Sally give thoroughly convincing performances. They work well together both in word and gesture making the most of a script which is both funny and moving.

Jack is the Head of an Art Department whose importance is being reduced by the latest government reforms and Sally runs a flower shop. Jack is both furious and frustrated at the loss of his subject’s status, so much so he disappears for three months going off to live in his car. On his return, Julie is naturally furious at his self-indulgence leaving her and their two teenage daughters to fend for themselves. She counters his betrayal by writing a comic novel in which Jack is obviously lampooned. Much to their surprise, the book becomes a success and now Jack is the one feeling betrayed.

Initially, the scenes are frequent and short, but, as the changing nature of their relationship is revealed, the scenes are longer and more satisfying. The play successfully achieves conveying the complexity of the long-term marital relationship in terms of mutual dependence versus the need for individual expression.

Reviewed by Ben

New Town Theatre; 7

1 to 25 August 2013

16.20 – 17.40

Fringe Programme Page Number: 300


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