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No Direction - One4Review

No Direction

| On 16, Aug 2013


Albert Wellings’ drama takes the form of a play within a play. It features Wellings as one of the two un-named characters and Ronnie Toms as the other.

The play opens with the two men bursting onto the stage, breathing heavily and dressed in outfits suggesting an action drama. They have rough accents and could be heroes or villains. One of them dries up and it becomes apparent they are rehearsing. They have a script but no director. They argue and take turns at directing. One speech, for example, is presented in two different ways, firstly with much body movement and loudly spoken, and secondly, more still and quieter which does add menace to the action.

Their discord reaches into their private lives. This shifting of focus can be blurred at times but the Toms character speaks in the same rough voice throughout and the Wellings character switches to correct diction when not acting. When a prop knife is discovered down the back of a sofa, the action takes on a more sinister tone.

Both actors give powerful performances and there is a director in Bob Golding. However, taken overall, it is a meandering piece and, as a comedy, didn’t produce many laughs from the audience – more puzzlement than smiles.

Reviewed by Ben

Assembly George Square; 3

1 to 26 August 2011 (not 13)

14.50 – 15.50

Fringe Programme Page Number: 305


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