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Kate Smurthwaite: The Wrong Sort of Feminist **** - One4Review

Kate Smurthwaite: The Wrong Sort of Feminist ****

| On 09, Aug 2015

Kate Smurthwaite may be the wrong sort of feminist for a specific institution’s student association, but I think she’s probably the right kind to be doing comedy on the Fringe: articulate, reasoned, persuasive, and funny. She doesn’t do straight stand-up, rather she tells stories and is particularly good at pointing out the silly, irrational and daft bits of some fairly heavy subjects, wielding sharp satire, irony and downright sarcasm to excellent effect.
There’s a good structure to the show, despite the very few first-night uncertainties and note referrals, and the subjects covered include abuse both domestic and on social media, immigration removal centres, and the ability to make a free choice. Where there was a danger of things being less-than-lighthearted, Ms Smurthwaite provided the audience with a method of making it funny, because ‘there’s comedy in everything’. And it’s through that comedy that her points are reinforced. I doubt anyone unsympathetic to the left will find their way to this show, so it’s not about soap-boxing, but it is affirming to hear someone else stay firmly and publicly that it is okay to be angry about this stuff.
Kate is an excellent speaker, clearly passionate and very easy to listen to. She’s friendly and welcoming (holding open the door and greeting the audience on the way in), deals brilliantly with interruptions and latecomers and is generally very professional. This show is one of the good choices.

Reviewed by Laura

Ciao Roma (Venue 283), 20:20 (not 17th)

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