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Scaramouche Jones 5***** - One4Review

Scaramouche Jones 5*****

| On 19, Aug 2015

This is an excellent show. The piece itself is good. It was written by someone (Justin Butcher) who has lots of critical acclaim, which, going on the evidence of this show, is all justified. All the bits – language, rhythm, imagery – work beautifully and seamlessly to evoke Port-o-Spain, or the inside of a barrel, or the side of a mass grave. In some places, the power is in what’s not said, as much as in what is.

But it’s Thom Tuck’s performance which makes the show. It’s about a clown, not about clowning, so there’s only one piece of (admittedly rather haunting) clowning-proper in the whole show. But there’s plenty of clowning-adjacent/almost-mime in the expressivity of the gestures and movements and expressions which accompany and enhance the spoken words. Those words are excellent too: Mr Tuck brings some wonderful accents.

As a whole, it’s mesmerising. A lovely device allows Scaramouche to address the audience directly, which sucks you in more. A recurring motif marks out the structure. The standout story of the graves imparts a reality and a humanity, making it more than simply fantastical, which it could easily be with its exotic locations and events.

Reviewed by Laura

Underbelly Cowgate, 12:20

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