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John Robertson: Let’s Redecorate! 4**** - One4Review

John Robertson: Let’s Redecorate! 4****

| On 19, Aug 2015

John Robertson’s comedy teeters on the very edge of acceptable, and sometimes it’s as if he’s looking for an audience to say, nope, you can’t have that one, that was too far. Some of his funny is pure filth and some of the things he talks about (his wife and his girlfriend, for example) will simply make some people uncomfortable. This stand-up definitely pushes at the boundaries (mostly of the mainstream), though it’s never disrespectful.

But if you’re willing to go with it, there is some good stuff in here, as well as some stuff that needs to be said about how to behave around people who’re grieving (don’t, just don’t, ask ‘how she did it’). John is a confident performer with excellent vocal projection, though I lost a couple of punch lines due to the speed of delivery. He has huge enthusiasm and an often wicked sense of humour, with which he builds his relationship with the audience whom he talks to but never picks on.

There’s a lot of honesty in this show, not just about the death of his friend, but also about other aspects of his life. It’s not laughter all the way through, but the solemnity is balanced by John’s madcap performance and his amazing hair.

Reviewed by Laura

The Stand Comedy Club 5&6, 14:50

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