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If Men Ruled The World 3*** - One4Review

If Men Ruled The World 3***

| On 19, Aug 2015

It feels like I should start this along the same lines as the spoof “review” that Demitris Deech began his show with, but no; just no.

Deech’s high energy performance definitely gets a yes, however. There was plenty of audience interaction, as he dealt well with late arrivals, passing bar staff, and random audience gifts. He whizzed through topics such as this year’s political highlights, student pranks, shopping at Lidl, and the role of wives in decision making.

He talks about his marrying his long term girlfriend, and the signs that it was time to wed. He also covers trying to become a Dad, and how it isn’t anything like as simple as his memories of school sex education suggest. The world of sperm samples and careful conception timing were mysteries he’s had to make sense of, and successfully made comedy out of.

Finally the show wrapped up with pass the parcel, leading into a clever multi-layered call-back of everything from the earlier politics to sex-ed, to the tic-tacs, throwing in a spot of Dad Dancing.

The audience may have been small, but the gags were funny and the timing spot on – on the comedy front, anyway! Good luck on the other timing, Deech. We look forward to the comedy material that parenthood can generate!


Laughing Horse @ The Cellar Monkey, 22:00, 1hr until Sat 30th Aug

Reviewed by Gill

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