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24 Hours With Mary Lynn Rajskub -3*** - One4Review

24 Hours With Mary Lynn Rajskub -3***

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| On 21, Aug 2016

24 Hours With Mary Lynn Rajskub

Although Mary Lynn tells us that she has always been a stand up comic and that her forays into acting (most notably 24) were just brief deviations, she still does not seem quite comfortable with the form. She has a nervy style of delivery that doesn’t put the audience at ease and it takes a while for her to get into full comedic flow.

The show is very personal – about her marriage, her son, her brush with fame and her experiences of touring as a comic. She has some good stories, well told and the various strands of her tales including her husband’s beloved cat, the miniature pony that she buys hoping it will somehow encourage her yoga teacher to sleep with her come together neatly at the end of the show.

If you loved Chloe in 24 you will enjoy this show – if you have no idea who Chloe is chances are that you won’t be going to see this anyway.

By Karen

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20.20 Daily

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