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Johnny Cochrane: Appeal 3*** - One4Review

Johnny Cochrane: Appeal 3***

| On 06, Aug 2016

This is Johnny Cochrane’s Fringe Debut in which he reckons he has discovered the formula for the perfect comedy show. He certainly has a wide appeal with charisma and relaxed style of delivery.

The show starts with apparent backstage cctv showing Johnny psyching himself up for the show. He then goes through his 5-point plan, with the help of a power point presentation and assistance from the audience. He shares some amusing anecdotes of his early years, growing up as a mixed race child in Essex. He interacts with the audience getting them to read aloud statements of affirmation after each of his points. The success of this can depend on how keen or not the audience member is to participate. Part of the formula for his perfect show is to be recognisable and we are shown various images where we may have seen Johnny before with some comical background information that works very well.

The show was new and different and I think Johnny has bags of potential. I also think as the run goes on it will become much smoother, although always dependent on audience engagement. I was slightly disappointed that it was quite a bit short of the hour but you can’t anticipate what could crop up backstage…

Reviewed by Sharon

Pleasance Below
21.45 to 22.45
Until 28th (not the 15th)

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