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And Now... - plan B - 2** - One4Review

And Now… – plan B – 2**

| On 22, Aug 2016

If I hadn’t read the printed programme for And Now…, I would have said it was an exploration of childhood, and of the mixture of fear and excitement that growing up brings. Apparently this is not the main point of the work. Instead, the main theme is more political in scope, and it seeks to explore the impact upon Scotland of the referendums of recent years, and to study the country’s place in a post-Brexit world. Unfortunately, the programme notes were not handed out to the audience before the show (I asked for them afterwards), so many watching left with a slightly bemused expression.

The stage is set with an array of chairs in varying sizes, and a small doorway, from which we first see the dancers peeking out in childlike wonder. The setting is reminiscent of a scene from The Borrowers, with the cast dwarfed by a giant chair. A recorded score is supplemented by live music, provided by Steve Kettley, who plays a variety of instruments to complement the original music.

At an hour and 15 minutes, the show was just too long, too incoherent and just not lively enough to really grab the audience’s attention. It felt at times as though three different shows had been cobbled together, and the repetitive choreography did not help to provide a structure for the story. The dancers managed well enough, and were personable, but not enough to sustain interest for 75 minutes.

Reviewed by Shiona

Zoo Southside (Venue 82) – 117 Nicolson Street
Until August 27 18:30 (1hr15m)

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