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Gazing At A Distant Star 4**** - One4Review

Gazing At A Distant Star 4****

| On 10, Aug 2017

Greenwich Theatre have brought this engrossing Sian Rowland play to the fringe. The drama centres on the theme of loss with it’s resultant aftermath for those left behind and questions how much we really know those we love. Three characters Arun, Anna and Karen tell their own stories of loved ones lost and personal battles in dealing with their grief. Arun, losing his sense of self in a call centre, wonders what has happened to his friend Glen; Anna, trains for a 10k run whilst trying to make sense of why her sister has gone missing; Karen’s son has gone missing on holiday and she mourns for the loss her relationship with him before he turned into a secretive teenager. Although there are 3 distinct narratives, the tales occasionally coincide bringing a sense of cohesiveness to the play and despite the subjects discussed there are light hearted moments which are never out of place. The denouements for all 3 stories are heart rending and the 3 actors Harpal Hayer, Serin Ibrahim, and Jenny Delisle play their parts with sincerity and real depth of feeling. This extremely enjoyable piece of theatre certainly brought tears to my eyes for the first time this festival.
Reviewed by Rona
Assembly George Sq theatre 5
Aug 3rd to 28th (not 14th)

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