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Heather 4**** - One4Review

Heather 4****

| On 23, Aug 2017

This is a play in 3 parts with a hint of JK Rowling throughout the story line. There’s a calm and amusing start as the email correspondence between Harry the publisher and his publicity shy client Heather Eames is read out by the actors. Heather has written a children’s book about Greta and The Magic Pen and Harry tries to cajole his new client into making a public appearance. There is a big reveal at the end of this section which I will gloss over, but let’s just say it’s jaw dropping. Part 2 is when client and publisher finally meet each other for a tense discussion on the repercussions of what has been revealed and Part 3 is a reenactment of the children’s book which gives some closure to the proceedings before. I loved parts 1 & 2 as the calm reading gave no hint of what was to come and the face to face confrontation was as tense as you would expect in the circumstances. Part 3 was a less satisfactory ending as it just didn’t live up to the scenes before. The play covers themes of identity, race and rehabilitation and is wonderfully acted by Charlotte Eames and Ashley Gerlach. If you want a play with a big reveal this is the one for you.
Reviewed by Rona
Until August 27th

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