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A Political Breakfast - 3*** - One4Review

A Political Breakfast – 3***

| On 24, Aug 2018

Host Chris O’Neill introduces us to the panel who will be debating the issues of the day, despite how very early, in Fringe time, in the day it is. The hour doesn’t stop the room being full, with further people spilling out into the foyer.

Our panel saw O’Neill debating news-worthy topics with Jack Darcy, Ciaran Dold, and Gillian English, a vivacious Canadian who lives in Australia, and provided an interesting perspective on issues such as Brexit, Donald Trump, and Justin Trudeau’s frequently missing shirt.

With an Irishman leading the panel, and another on in – but moved to Germany (Dold) it made sense to start with the Brexity issue of the Anglo-Irish border, although this remains unsolved, despite panel and audience best efforts.

An interesting and thoughtful discussion on Uber and it’s ‘grape’ culture, and of course reasons Trump makes people furious added to the challenge of balancing humour with political opinion, but the team walked this tightrope well, making it certainly worth a trip if you’re awake.

Reviewed by Gill
Natural Food Cafe – PBH’s Free Fringe
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