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Alternative Comedy Memorial Scociety (ACMS) 4**** - One4Review

Alternative Comedy Memorial Scociety (ACMS) 4****

| On 11, Aug 2018

Roughly eleven acts in a three hour show (two intervals!) showcasing things that might not work elsewhere. This one kept to time nicely (which is a first), possibly due to the reduced host-banter (though Thom Tuck singing compensated for that), but given the number of times sleep was mentioned, and the high audience attrition rate, possibly also because everyone was very tired.

This didn’t reflect in the quality of the acts however, which were as varied and alternative as ever. Sometimes alternative is about context, so a poem about dragons is not alternative in a children’s storytelling show, but in a late night line-up show, it is delightfully so. As were the poems about traffic wardens, the swear jar, and Aqua.

Thom Tuck and (eventually) John-Luke Roberts hosted the silliness, which seemed to have a well-informed audience who didn’t require much admin (such as explanation of the permitted heckles). Acts were varied but were warmly if bemusedly received, and nothing was quite as drunken as it might have been. A quiet, but lovely and intimate, ACMS.

Reveiwed by Laura
Monkey Barrel, 23:55
Until 26th (not 15th or 22nd)

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