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Jordan Brookes: Bleed 5***** - One4Review

Jordan Brookes: Bleed 5*****

| On 11, Aug 2018

Mr Brookes must understand that five-star reviews are not issued just because the performer asks nicely in front of the whole audience, they have to be earned. While he doesn’t quite bleed, as the title suggests, he most certainly earns it.

Mr Brookes can also tick ‘standard stand up’ off the list of things he’s proved he can do, as this show treats the audience to around ten minutes of what looks and quacks like normal stand up. It’s not, and it all just gently slides into Jordan Brookes doing what he does. Which is wonderful, but not necessarily explicable in mere words. And, at one particular point, really cringe-inducing, and all he was doing was standing there and watching us listen. Awful, and hilarious.

If you’re here for more of the same as in previous years, you will get it – in a slightly different format (which is worth it) – after he’s done that ten minutes of quacking to make all the people who haven’t seen him before feel safe. Those newbies – and everyone else – are drawn further in with some gentle but effective misdirection before being taking advantage of aurally. Mr Brookes has masses of energy, and a much bigger stage to pace up and down. There’s also a lot of vulnerability in this show, which you don’t have to do anything with, just watch as Jordan deals with it himself.

A worthy sequel to being nominated.

Reveiwed by Laura
Pleasance Courtyard, 20:30
Until 26th (not 14th)

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