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The Approach - Landmark Production 4**** - One4Review

The Approach – Landmark Production 4****

| On 15, Aug 2018

3 friends – Cora and sisters Anna and Deidre – meet in a café over a period of years. Each conversation harks back to innocent times, regrets and current lovers (or lack of). The dialogue meanders along with flashes of humour as it becomes apparent that Anna and Deidre have fallen in love with the same man causing the group to fall apart and lose touch. As each of the sisters chat with Cora who tries to reconcile the sisters, we see that history changes their stance on their relationships and changes the story of their relationships. Although much of their musings discuss failed relationships with men, the tragedy of the piece is what they have lost in their relationships with each other.
The sparse café set allows us to concentrate on the 3 fantastic actresses on stage as we hold onto every word. Cathy Belton’s performance as Cora is especially heart breaking as she exudes regret with every sentence and every look at her friends. The shifts in narrative force the audience to question everything that they hear and make it an absorbing 65 mins of theatre.
Reviewed by Rona
Assembly Hall – Rainey Hall
Until 26th August (not 22nd)

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