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Alison Spittle; mother of god 4**** - One4Review

Alison  Spittle; mother of god  4****

| On 17, Aug 2019

The audience is greeted with a large naive Cornflake and wool encrusted cardboard shield emblazoned with the cross. It sets the mood nicely for Alison’s tale of her early ambitions for primary school’s greatest female role; Mary. Her set moves effortlessly through stories and recollections of growing up in rural Ireland. Arriving there aged 6 a confident Cockney striving to become as Irish as possible. I think it’s safe to say she succeeded, she is pretty much the personification of good craic.
Her upbringing was far from conventional hanging out with middle aged male builder mates and growing up on a housing estate with its own castle. Mary, is a recurring theme in the hour from the nativity to her effect on the Irish economy.
However it’s surviving the Ill fated Oxygen festival, an Ann summers party so cringe-worthy it made her lose religion and her unconventional methods of flirting that provide the funniest material. She is a real alchemist
turning the mundane and absurd alike into comedy gold with her phrasing. There is a richness and sincerity to her storytelling that leaves you pleasantly sated. There may not be any bells and whistles or an urgent message but it’s a solid hour of stand up, artfully delivered.
Reviewed by Sarah
Gilded Balloon Teviot-Balcony
17.15 (1hr)
Until 26th

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