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Don’t Mess with the Dummies 4.5**** - One4Review

Don’t Mess with the Dummies 4.5****

| On 17, Aug 2019

The Australian Dummies Corp. is onto another winner with this all female ensemble in Don’t Mess with the Dummies. The crazy Trio consists of Ellen Henry, Maya Tregonning and Shona Conacher, who are all fabulous circus performers and have the children (and adults) in stitches throughout.
While we are waiting in the queue and entering the auditorium the girl scouts are running amongst the crowd and climbing over seats in search of imaginary missing items.
When the show begins, we understand they are going on a camping adventure and much clowning, slapstick, physical comedy and acrobatics ensues. Most of the dialogue is done in the form of mime to great effect. They have tents to erect, maps to read, hula hoops instead of a tent to contend with, which they manage to make into a tent anyway and mozzie repellent which is sprayed around the audience in the form of silly string. There is an absolutely hilarious part involving singing sleeping bags to the tune of “the lion sleeps tonight”
There is a lot of audience interaction in this really high energy performance and the kids truly loved it.
I would definitely recommend this show for children who love silly antics and get to shout out throughout the performance. There’s also a photo op afterwards.

Reviewed by Sharon
Underbelly Bristo Square – Cowbarn
11.20 (1hr)
Until 25th (not 19th)

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