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Maria Shehata - Hero 3*** - One4Review

Maria Shehata – Hero 3***

| On 14, Aug 2019

Maria Shehata is of Egyptian Coptic Christian heritage and American nationality, but feels most at home living in Britain. It is navigating her identity as a grown woman and the expectations on her from these cultures, which forms the context of the show. That and the litany of flatmates she’s gone through in the past 5 years. The style of the show is informal storytelling, she’s warm and makes an effort to get to know the room at the top of the show.
There are a few killer bits that really deserved a bit more from the audience, like her response to a previous boyfriend’s casual comment about wanting eight babies. The show is interjected with phone calls from her father, which give some structure and an opportunity for classic asides about how the show is going. The question to the audience at the top of the show, is it cute or overbearing that my dad calls me everyday at 1pm? Is demonstrated and debated throughout. It feels like there is some great material here but it’s not all quite landing as it should and could do with a bit of tightening up. Still there’s plenty of interesting things in this show and anyone who has an overbearing parent or terrible housemates will find it instantly relatable.
Reviewed by Sarah
Gilded Balloon at Old Tolbooth Market-Bottom
17.15 (1hr)
Until 25th

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