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Sarah Kendall :- Paper Planes 4**** - One4Review

Sarah Kendall :- Paper Planes 4****

| On 15, Aug 2019

There have been questions over the years as to if Sarah Kendall is a comedian or should her always beautifully crafted shows she performs to large audiences should actually sit more comfortably in the spoken word and storytelling spheres. And where is the dividing line anyway?
As with all of her previous shows Ms Kendall has written, the story she tells is a work of art. She paints pictures with her prose, conjures characters and situations that are almost tangible yet are there enough laughs in the hour for it to be truly called a comedy show?
The story centres on Sarah who is contracted to produce a book and has a bit of writers block to contend with. Well more than a bit. She relates this tale partly with chapters as the breaks and change of direction kick in be it her 9year old daughter’s Greek Mythology book, a visit to a Chekov play, a trip to LA for a writers meeting, her constant discomfort of daily news cycles, planes and check-in decisions, insomnia and even a break at Centre Parcs all give her the ammunition to expound on and introduce characters who she portrays oh so well.
Sarah may have writers block when it comes to her book, but when it comes to this show it is completely different. It is a great hour spent in the company of an excellent raconteur. Who cares what the labels say anyway!
Reviewed by Geoff
Assembly George Square Studio 2
19.00 to 20.00
Until 25th

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