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Baby loves disco - 1* - One4Review

Baby loves disco – 1*

| On 14, Aug 2019

You find yourself in Edinburgh with an 11 month old and see an advert for ‘Baby loves disco’, which says it’s a “fringe sell-out 10 years running”, great! Two hours to take the little one to play with other babies while you have a sit down and listen to cheesy music. Wrong!

I entered with high hopes and walked into a night club, complete with sticky floor, DJ and bar. I was immediately confused. There were lots of people with small children running around and doing the ‘dad-dance’. As I moved through the main room I saw people buying alcohol (it was 11am), a table with snacks, although I couldn’t see plates so it was just grab a handful of whatever and hope everyone has washed their hands..

I moved away from the main room thinking this must be for bigger kids and the baby section must be somewhere else, as I went upstairs I found it, well, sort of. Three cuddly toys and a tube to climb through does not a creche make, the floor here too was sticky and I didn’t want my baby crawling on it. Don’t panic, this too had a bar serving alcohol.

I found a play table where children could make their own masks, a nice touch for older ones. Face paint looked like fun but the queue didn’t. The promised photo booth didn’t exist, instead there was a table with a party pack of props so you could take a selfie, In dark corner, with little light, so all the photos turned out terribly.

I left at the call of “time for the daddy dance off”. I’m sure lots of people had a nice time while their children ran around and they got to have a pint. This isn’t for babies or even toddlers, I’m not sure who this is for. It wasn’t me.
Reviewed by Matthew
The Jam House
11.00 and 14.00
18th and 24th, 25th only

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