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The Blue Bird - One4Review

The Blue Bird

| On 04, Aug 2019

The Blue Bird opens with two small children at the centre who wake to discuss the possibility of Santa visiting them for Christmas and a song breaks out on how much they love cake, or at least I think that’s what the song is about, it all gets quite bizarre from this point forward.

Helen O’Grady Drama Academy (China) has put on a showcase of child talent and it’s like watching a school play in a really rather cute way. Children mime along to songs (they might have recorded earlier?) There’s a number of dance pieces and you can’t help but adore the children doing their best and having fun while they do it. They giggle and smile their way into your hearts and although rather a lot of dialogue was lost in mumbles or possibly forgotten lines, you’re O.K with it because you’re watching children having the time of their lives.

We all laughed when no one came back on stage for 2 minutes. A toilet break perhaps? There were some truly stand out performances by the Witch, The Cat and the Dog who knew their lines and sang their hearts out! But each and everyone one of them deserve praise and I think they got it from the amount of doting parents in the audience. I even spotted a chap (grandparent?) filming the whole thing, good for him.

Reviewed by Matthew
C Venues – C South Main Theatre
11.45 (50 mins)
Until 5th

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