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Motherhood: A Comedy 3*** - One4Review

Motherhood: A Comedy 3***

| On 12, Aug 2019

Tara Newton-Wordsworth is a good performer: she’s got good diction, holds the stage well, understands about pacing and volume and how to land a punchline and all that jazz that goes into making up one half of a good comedy show. (Except for accents.) The other part, the material, doesn’t match the performance in strength or quality.

Ms Newton-Wordsworth has two children under two, and this is her show is based on her experience of being pregnant, giving birth, and eventually actually living with those two children under two. There were lots of mums in the room, and they seemed to find her commentary (on dad jokes, changes to boobs, defiant toddlers, and passive aggressive older women) entirely relatable – as did I, though as a non-mum, presumably somewhat less so.

This is a gritty, detailed examination of the many facets of motherhood (miscarriage, giving birth, losing and regaining a sense of self, how frustrating it can be), presented with good humour and a pragmatic sense of realism. And lastly, if comedy doesn’t suit, Ms Newton-Wordsworth could always diverge into a musical genre with her lovely, well-trained singing voice.

Reviewed by Laura

Just the Tonic @ The Mash House
15:30 (not 12th)

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