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Phil Nichol :- Too Much 5***** - One4Review

Phil Nichol :- Too Much 5*****

| On 11, Aug 2019

The bundle of hyperactive energy that is Phil Nichol returns to Edinburgh once again with another of his quality hours of mayhem that few if any can emulate and is as always at the top of his A game.

As the healthy Friday night crowd are ushered into his room, there is Phil on stage with his trusty guitar turning out his own music, who need the added expense to the PRS when he can do this., prior to launching into his well -crafted hour of comedy, as only he can.

For those few who hadn’t seen him before he gives a brief precis of his earlier life and even for those who have seen him loads there is still the opportunity to laugh out loud at this back story, all told at a million miles an hour.

Nichol’s main part of the hour majors on his belated 40th birthday party, a train journey from Manchester to Edinburgh, him being assaulted in a London street, elderly guest house owner and Glastonbury. Oh and a revelation near the end.

What happened? You’ll have to go and see. What happened to us on the night was his hour just evapourated, the quickest 60 minutes on the Fringe. And certainly one of the best.

Too Much! No way, we all wanted more, way more.


Reviewed by Geoff

Monkey Barrel 4

21.00 to 22.00

Until 25th (not 12th)


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