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Larry Dean:- Work in Progress 5***** - One4Review

Larry Dean:- Work in Progress 5*****

| On 18, Aug 2021

It is more than a little unusual for a work in progress to be reviewed, but having spoken to him after the gig, ever amiable Dean was more than happy for this to be done so here we go.
With the time approaching 20.30 in the large and socially distanced Monkey Barrel 3, every seat taken, every punter eagerly anticipated the arrival on stage of one of Scotland’s top comics Larry Dean to entertain as only he can.
Larry commands this vast space with a mixture of his huge personality and a wickedly hilarious, well written and impeccability delivered hour garnering more belly laughs than most. Occasionally his material does go to places others wouldn’t, but there is no doubt his cheeky grin and off the cuff quips disarms any possible offence being taken by anyone.
Dean has his set centred about lock down, what else is there to talk about anyway? Well in his case there is plenty. A new lock down relationship, the problems of being a gay comic gigging in Dubai, the differences of being a Glasgow man and one from Edinburgh, hypno-therapy on zoom and his own therapist frustration at his antics during sessions, his idolisation of partners and a desire to live in California all gave him ample scope for him to showcase his absolute comedy credentials. His crowd work is top draw and he is a gifted impressionist too. Are there no limits to this guy’s talents?
Okay as it is a work in progress so there was the occasion glance at his ‘book’ but in no way did this detract from the overall quality of the gig.
Larry Dean surely is heading for the stratosphere in the comedy world, so grab you chance and see him while you can. His run this year is limited and tickets are already difficult to come by. Don’t be the one to miss out.
Reviewed by Geoff
Monkey Barrel Three
20.30 to 21.30
Until 22nd August

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