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Drown Your Sorrows – Balderdash Theatre Company 3*** - One4Review

| On 20, Aug 2021

Mademoiselle’s Bar is under threat from a descendent of Ebenezer Scrooge. The only hope is for the present incumbents to find Mademoiselle’s recipe for the Elixir of Youth and Balderdash’s four protagonists set off just to do that. Encounters with a 2 headed sea monster and muppets in Henson’s Bar are just some of the battles they have to face along the way. The small guy’s struggle against the fat cat corporate world is very much the underlying theme of the play
The script of this absurdist comedy has many laugh out loud moments and the cast are certainly dynamic and enthusiastic. The fast delivery is, however, occasionally beyond the acting abilities of the 4 men on stage which means that the immediacy of some of the humour is lost. The ending is also a bit of a blur and quite abrupt, which is a shame as it left me feeling disappointed for what might have been. However, it cannot be denied that much of the audience loved the show and laughed uproariously throughout and I believe that there is much promise for the future for the Balderdash Theatre Company.
Reviewed by Rona
Until August 21st
theSpace@Symposium Hall

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