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Moonlight on Leith – REDCAP Theatre 4**** - One4Review

| On 23, Aug 2021

Moonlight on Leith takes it’s inspiration from the ‘Save Leith Walk’ campaign. Over one night we are introduced to a variety of characters epitomising the community of Leith. Never shirking from it’s grittier side we meet the permanently drunk Wild Eyed Willie, Sandie the prostitute and Big Tam the Meatman who are watched over by the browbeaten Sergeant Ham and his useless sidekick. On the more ’respectable’ side Peter with his soapbox rails against the incoming students and hipsters, Flora wants to protect her garden from ‘bams’ and Cathy the student avoids her dissertation while her French Cat Hank dreams of his escape.
As a previous resident of Leith Walk, I really enjoyed this play as it’s sense of place was spot on. The cast were uniformly excellent and they switched seamlessly between each character. (Hank the French cat deserves a special mention!) The poetic dialogue and enchanting songs enhanced the action on stage and the near capacity audience loved the performance. They may be lucky in that I suspect the vast majority of the audience were from Edinburgh and therefore guffawed heartily
at many of the caricatures but I believe there is much in this performance to appeal to those from elsewhere. A heart warming show to bbrighten up the middle of your day.
Reviewed by Rona
August 25 & 27
theSpace Triplex

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