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Paul Currie: TEET 4**** - One4Review

| On 13, Aug 2021

A bearded man in a blue velour catsuit and a pair of stylish ankle boots leads an audience whose collective accent is both creepy and vaguely Liverpudlian through a show equal parts anarchy, cult, and giddy delight. Mr Currie’s comedy is very much of the ‘because it’s funny’ variety – and when delivered with as much gusto and conviction as Mr Currie can muster, it definitely is – though this is enhanced if you take his advice to ‘just go with it’. As in a cult, things are better if you surrender yourself to the ridiculous and silly, and don’t worry too much.

Mr Currie does have a message to impart in this show and it’s delivered in sections, interspersed among the bits of random buffoonery. I particularly enjoyed both contributions from the asparagus and all the bits where the audience was encouraged to sing along. Singing along is how Mr Currie creates a receptive and engaged audience within his first two minutes on stage – and its this skill, alongside his utterly convincing presentation that means that by the end, the show’s message, which without context would be more than a little bemusing, is one which the audience is on board with.

Quality nonsense from a consistently excellent performer.

Review by Laura

The Hive (the Big Cave)
Until 29th (not Wednesdays)

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