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School Night – 3***

August 8, 2013 |

The show opens well with the tuck shop on the way in, and ebullient Headmaster Stuart Goldsmith quickly taking charge of the late night audience, getting to know the characters and finding a Head Prefect to fulfil all the boring … Read More

Set List – 2**

August 8, 2013 |

The concept behind Set List is “stand up without a net” in that comics are surprised by the topics that come up, and have to react and play with them. This should be fun for both the acts, and the … Read More

Richard Herring – We’re All Going to Die! 5 Stars *****

August 8, 2013 |

The problem with Richard Herring is that he always focuses his attention on the little things – politics, religion, love . . . penises. When will he deal with something bigger? Something much more existential? Something that all of us, … Read More

Michael J Dolan: Nothing Will Ever Be Alright Again, Ever – 4 Stars ****

August 8, 2013 | 1

There’s a certain theory that kicks around about comedians, that whilst they may be laughing on the outside they’re secretly crying on the inside.  That they use humour as a defence mechanism to stop us discovering the depression that lies … Read More

Knightmare Live 4 stars ****

August 8, 2013 | 1

Ah Knightmare, so cutting edge when I was a youngster.  I remember those evenings after school, sitting in front of CITV absolutely transfixed, watching a team of children my age traverse the dungeons and forests of a medieval world, solving … Read More

Richard Herring’s Edinburgh Fringe Podcast 4 stars ****

August 8, 2013 |

Richard Herring has always been at the at the forefront of using new media to build and distribute his work.  Nowhere is this more apparent than in the successful growth of his podcast shows.  His Leicester Square Podcast recently won … Read More

Gavin Webster: Don’t Give Any Money to Comic Relief and Other Opinions 3 Star ***

August 8, 2013 |

Gavin Webster is a big guy with a big voice and an opinion on a lot of subjects and is more than willing to share these with his audience. He is a self-proclaimed bitter man and sees nothing wrong with … Read More

Sally Ann Hayward Hey Follower 3 Star ***

August 8, 2013 |

Sally Ann Hayward has been on the comedy scene for a number of years now so why have I not seen her Fringe show before? Something I was determined to put right this year.

The bijou audience at the show … Read More

Katie Mulgrew: Your Dad’s Not Funny 3 Stars ***

August 7, 2013 |

Katie Mulgrew is doing her first solo show, having shared a stage at Fringe 2013, but admits that she never really wanted to be a comedian, in fact there were a whole list of careers she wanted to do, so … Read More

Rob Deering’s Beat This 4 Stars ****

August 7, 2013 |

Rob Deering is as most people know a very funny comic who also is an accomplished Guitarist and  is an absolute wizard with mixing pedals, live looping and effects so it is a natural choice for him to combine the … Read More