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Instant Karma - One4Review

Instant Karma is the second play by ‘Leaves on the Tracks’, written by James Brough who also plays the young up and coming photographer Mac. Geoff has covered the other play ‘Last Night a DJ saved my Life’. Richard (Hugo Cox) and Rachel (Gaby Crewe-Read, who wrote DJ) live together with Vic (Helen Elizabeth).  Although Richard and Rachel are happily expecting a child in five and a half months, this is after a short parting of the ways during which time Mac, the fourth flat-mate, left without a word. Mac who is beginning to get recognised for his photographic skills and normally informed the others where he was going, just left without a word.  Vic who had been having a relationship with him was, understandably distraught and turned more and more to drink and drugs. We see the results of Mac’s sudden and unexpected return to the household followed by the devastation after his rapid departure. Although extremely short, even for a Fringe production, I felt we were given all the details to fill in the blanks where the histories of the individual characters. We were quickly drawn into their lives and got to know them well. Ultimately we are left knowing how the untimely death of one of the quartet will devastate the others.  Short it may have been in length but it is powerfully written and superbly performed. ****

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