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Lights, Camera, Walkies - One4Review

3 Stars


Lights, Camera, Walkies written by Tom Glover and directed by Katherine Hare cracks on at a rapid pace in this comedy which verges on farce. Two dog owners, Derek the owner of Buster and Wilbur the owner of Juliette, are rivals for their dog to be the star in a low budget, Hollywood film. No dogs actually appear on stage.

Derek is a laid back character but Wilbur is a sergeant-major type treating his wife is if she is some miscreant dog. The chance for a dog to take the lead in the film results from the film’s intended star walking out at the last minute. The producer in desperation decides to cast a dog as a super-hero in an all action film.

As well as the three main characters, the three performers, Richard David Caine, writer Tom Glover and Zoe Gardner also take on cameo roles playing stereotypical Hollywood types emphasising their ‘drama queen’ personalities. As the story develops, the situations are driven by Wilbur’s unscrupulous nature and boorishness. There are no depths to which he wouldn’t sink for Juliette to land the part, but whilst he is plotting what is his wife getting up to – and indeed the dogs?

Overall, the script is patchy with a host of punch lines, ranging from the funny to the corny.

Reviewed by Ben

Gilded Balloon Teviot/Billiard Room: 14

3 to 29 August 2011 (not 17)

14.00 – 15.15

Fringe Programme Page Number: 275

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