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Psychotherapy Live - One4Review

Lisa Levy self professed Psychotherapist will give you a live session, the only drawback is that you confess all in front of a room full of strangers.

Lisa is joined by her assistant Jim Conley and her director Gary Upton Schwartz (who couldn’t help but voice his opinions). On entering the venue we are given cards on which to enter our details, from which Lisa either volunteers people to be analysed and enpowered or, as in our session she takes willing victims to lie on her couch.

Kate our first (victim) volunteer, possibly known to the British contingency for her TV work, confessed to her inability to say NO. Followed by Ben an apparent American Icon thanks to his advert for DEL computers, who although an actor by choice confessed to having an acute case of social anxiety. Finally Lauri, another American actor confessed to her hate of her curly hair (I’d swap my straight lank locks anytime). All three were advised to think more of themselves.

As the audience on the opening night were mostly Americans the show possibly flowed slightly better than it would with an all British one. It was interesting and in a strange way fun. If you’ve always wanted therapy without paying over the odds this is the one for you! I personally could never get on that couch!!!


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