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Putting It Together - One4Review

The company performing ‘Putting it Together’, Cambridge University Broadway Savoyards must have some of the best voices on the fringe. Stephen Sondheim is notorious for having written some superb musicals most of which are extremely difficult to perform well. This show is a collection of numbers, seemingly unrelated, from several of his productions, loosely woven together in a tale of love. Narrated beautifully by Al Brookshaw, who introduces the performance with strict instructions as to do’s and don’ts as well as joining in with songs of love and is deserted at the alter. Hannah Whittingham and Matt Woodgate are the mature couple that seemingly have everything, but do they. Where as Joanna Hickman and Christopher Berry are circling each other ready to begin a relationship. All five performers have amassed quite an impressive history of performance variety and volume between them from a choral scholarship, through previous Fringe performances, modeling assignments, numerous college or university productions and a dissertation on Sondheim.  The direction and choreography have to be commended and the small orchestra both non obtrusive and pleasant.  This has always been a difficult space to perform in, sadly it was not as full as this company deserves it to be. With five superb voices and aesthetically pleasing performers mixed with the genius that is Sondheim this show deserves to be a success and is one of these productions I could go to again and again. *****

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