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Greyfriars Twisted Tale - One4Review

Normally the name of the theatre company has no bearing on the show but I love ‘The Bridewell Theatre Company in association with City of the Dead Walking Tours presents The Martians’ who present "Greyfriars Twisted Tales"! As it turns out ‘The Martians’ are brothers John Kielty, Gerry Kielty along with Houston, at first glance the reaction was wow. These three are not only very good looking young men but are extremely talented. They entered TV’s Highland Quest search for a MacMusical and won. They have apparently resurrected portions of the true history of Edinburgh with the intention of becoming serial killers murdering it all over for 21 nights during the Fringe. The small ‘toon’ of Edinburgh started off one mile long by a half mile wide beside a loch in a valley, which in time because of the corpses developed into a hill. Greyfriars Kirk yard is reputed to have 4500 bodies under its soil. The Martians take us through a very select history of the city and graveyard via musical numbers ‘Reformation’, ‘Not a valley any more’, Greyfriars Bobby’, ‘Heaven’, ‘Small Dog’, ‘Burke and Hare’, ‘MP2’, ‘Invisible Sky God’ and ‘Nessie’. The Martians and their plants are superb although this show will probably get more laughs out of locals I’m sure most people will find it great. If you do like it spend a few pounds and get a CD. ****

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