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Faeries - One4Review

Based on the very real fact that in 1918 two young cousins Elsie and Frances took photographs of Faeries at the bottom of their garden. Although it was some time before these pictures caused a stir no one has been able to prove conclusively whether they were real or fake. To the extent that sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote a book detailing their accuracy and reality. ‘Faeries’ at the George Square Theatre covers these events and others surrounding the girls. Written by Stephen Langston who is also the productions Musical Director and keyboard player with additional lyrics and book by Wendy McPike, who plays one of the cousins, produced by SL Productions. This is an extremely enjoyable musical, which despite some initial technical problems with sound, allowed us to enjoy a world between fantasy and reality. With some catchy musical numbers and almost ballet like dance routines. The show has been developing and changing since its conception in 2006 and had to be adapted again for the Fringe. The set costumes and lighting effects vary from ethereal to earthy. This enjoyable musical takes us back to typical fringe fare which has room for further change whilst being enjoyable. ***

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