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Johnnie Jouk The Gibbet - One4Review

Johnnie Jouk the Gibbet (or ‘Johnnie Cheat the Hangman’) is a period comedy very much in the Scots vernacular, and an ear for the language of the time is necessary to fully appreciate the humour. The action takes place in the home of Sir George Elphinstone, the Provost of Glasgow, during the early 17th Century. It opens with Baillie Angus Cameron bursting into the home of Sir George as he is conducting a bible reading with his wife, Lady Mirren Elphinstone, and servants. Baillie Angus has been robbed of his outer garments by an unknown assailant. Suspicion immediately falls on lovable rogue Johnnie McClelland recently returned from the wars. Sir George and his Town Clerk concoct charges to bring Johnnie to justice or ‘shoogle the facts’. However the public hangman has recently died and another cannot be found. Through various twists and turns a surprising conclusion is reached with Lady Mirren seemingly outsmarting her husband. Cast performances on the night were uneven. Nevertheless, Mandy Black, playing Lady Mirren, put in a strong performance as the wily coquette, and Stuart McEwan looked and sounded the part of the womanising Johnnie McClelland. If you have a taste for something Scottish, this could be well worth a visit.  ***

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