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Expert at The Card Table - One4Review

Guy Hollingworth gives a riveting performance combining theatre and card manipulation. The storytelling element of the show centres on the American card sharp Milton Franklin Andrews who gained notoriety around the turn of the 20th Century. As a boy he was dogged by ill health, being known as ‘ever sickly Andrews’. By chance, he was befriended by Samuel Erdnase and their mutual interest in card tricks led to a close friendship during their teens. They practiced and practiced sleight of hand card techniques. Later, they split up, Andrews going on to make a living by cheating at poker; Erdnase to write the book ‘Expert at the Card Table’, published in 1902 and still in print. Using this classic book as his source, Guy Hollingworth displays a range of amazing magic and card manipulation techniques. He is a master of deception. A camera placed above the card table and an image projected on to a back screen gives everyone in the audience an excellent view of his hands. Guy Hollingworth in his own quiet, precise way builds up to a dramatic finish, both in demonstrating his control of the pack of cards and recounting the death of Andrews at the early age of 33. An enthralling experience and a warning not to bet high stakes playing cards with strangers however genuine the might appear to be. **** 

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