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Dark Grumblings - One4Review

A brilliant and completely satisfying theatrical experience! This is a production not to be missed. What makes Dark Grumblings special is that knockabout comedy is mixed with scary horror and physical theatre in the most compelling and convincing way. For the sheer skill and flawless timing of the two performers Tim Lynskey and Matt Rutter, it is a tour de force. The play is written and directed by Robert Farquhar – what an immense inspiration he must be; and not forgetting the huge contribution of the technical team. The story is set in a run down tower block where only a few residents are left. The action centres on the two security guards, one older and cantankerous and the other fresh from the job centre and over-talkative. Think of various North of England double acts and you get an idea of their humour – a touch corny but funny. Other characters appear; the TV addict and the TV repairman from somewhere in Eastern Europe; a couple of shady property developers and a mysterious old lady. There is some kind of malevolent virus infecting the building and the depiction of the horror that ensues is spellbinding in its intensity. The final sequence is fast and furious as it builds to the final climax. To discover the ending, you will need to find out for yourself. There are not many times when members of the audience stand up to applaud. It did happen at the end of this performance. ***** 

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