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Johnny Guitar - One4Review

Presenting the European Premiere of ‘Johnny Guitar’ the Festival Theatre USA has brought, what I can only describe as a melodramatic, root’n toot’n cowboy musical, to the 2005 Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Vienna , Margo Upham runs a gambling saloon in the desert in New Mexico. Seeking to find someone to settle down with she puts up with the outlaws and riffraff that blow into her place. Emma, Lisa Cirncione is jealous of Vienna’s relationship with The Dancin’ Kid, she is secretly in love with him and will do all she can to get her man. The Dancin’ Kid, Adam Ray, can sing but not so sure about the dancing. He wants Vienna but hardly sees that Emma exists, till his gang kill her brother. McIvers, Alan Neal Hubbs, attempts to keep the peace between all the factions. Johnny Guitar, Dean Scofield strums into town with a guitar by his side rather than two six-guns. It is soon evident that Vienna and Johnny share a history. David Mauer, Simon Russell, Howard D.W. Yeates, Michael Etzrodt, Joe Towne and Dylan Kenin. Superbly performed with some good fun musical numbers. See it before it finishes if you can. ****

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