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A Can Of Worms - One4Review

Jamie Lennox and Louis Waymouth are together Matlock & Badshelter from whose warped minds come the play ‘A Can of Worms’. After their mothers funeral, 27-year-old twin brothers Joseph and Jack return to the attic of the family home and the bosom of Nanny, to clear the house.  We are faced with a small cramped room, full of boxes of every size and description, the importance of the layout of the room, the sizes and shapes of the boxes become evident as the show progresses. The relationships between the brothers themselves and Nanny also becomes clearer as the hour flies past. With the assistance of objects strewn around the room and in boxes we see flashbacks to salient points in the boys lives starting with the introduction into the family of Joan she who must be called Nanny (Octavia MacKenzie), a cross between Mary Poppins and Freddy Cruger, she is a pivotal character in the boys lives. Not so much a sketch show more a hilarious comedy play, this production is extremely well thought out and written, Superbly performed. Keep and eye out for as Matlock & Badshelter   prospective comic genii


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