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Carey Marx White Light - One4Review

In his third visit to the Fringe following previous themes of Albinos and his attempt to meet and marry, Carey Marx this year delivers a colour coordinated show, with the various colours indicating the type of humour coming up next, ire pink, silly, yellow, nasty and so on. With a few mentions of past shows, and explaining his colour coding he launches into his brand of material covering such subjects as being stoned, terrorists and their rating system, Prince Harry, viagra, and snowboarding are some examples. Never shy in his opinions, his slick style, matched with his expressionate face, give him options from being impishly cheeky to almost menacing, but I found his personality engaging. I mean who could get OAPs in an Oxford nursing home to agree to be filmed doing robotic dancing, or getting in excess of twenty people to be filmed literally jumping through hoops? and show the footage in his show. Carey Marx has something different in his comedy and is surely destined for a huge future in the business. I don’t know about rating terrorists, but I do know about rating comedians and Marx rates May 5th for me, and if you haven’t seen his show that translates to *****

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