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Clinically Famous - One4Review

Clinically Famous is based in part on personal experiences in the Priory Clinic, Caroline Gold has in the past written and performed her own stand-up, moving on to radio and TV intros and sketches. The show is a glimpse into addictions, soap operas, television culture, alcohol, drugs and depression. The set consists of a treatment couch two tables and some bare essentials, our actress enters giving us some details of her background and reasons for entering the Priorry clinic. She discusses the going ons both inside the clinic and in her life leading uo to her alcoholism and depression. She addresses us directly and although asks questions carries on not wanting or expecting an answer. The final few moments of the show explain why she has been giving us so much information and also why she is doing it in this way. Natalie Haverstock as the actress Natalie has appeared in Fringe productions before. She has been in several films and on television as well as appearing regularly with an improv troup. This particular piece was written with her specific talents in mind and I believe this is shown in the excellent performance. We are swept away on her lifes journey seeing little comical episodes where things might have easily seemed depressing. A beautifully written and performed show which takes us on a journey into the dangers behind TV Soap addiction. ****

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