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Please Don't Feed the Models - One4Review

This interesting play is set in a model flat in Japan where new girl in town Shelley from New Zealand joins a whole much of others in preparation for various photo shoots and catwalk shows. The girls are from all over the world Jenny and Dani from England, Sheila from Ireland , April from the States, a Russian who usually gets called vodka tits and the occasional visiting male model Richard who is camper than a row of tents. Former international model Sara Standing with the likes of Vogue covers to her name, leads us through the trials, tribulations tears and heartache that go hand in hand with this ‘glamour’ profession. She plays all roles and has an uncanny ability to make these models come to life by just changing accents and characteristics. If anything, for me as a slight point, either the show needs to be slightly longer or maybe a character or two less are required as the story line at times seems slightly rushed, yet it is still  a good enough experience as it stands. ***

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