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Easy Targets - One4Review

Oh joy!! Aa show where you can demonstrate your likes or dislikes by hurling missiles, ie socks, at the performers. A slightly different line-up each night providing a variety of very different styles for you to aim your frustration, delight or even just what the hell at. Our four performers covered their youth, the joy of discovering Shakespeare, the magic of children’s story telling and  the angst of being unable to tell your all American Jock of a dad you are gay. The acts, the compere and even the audience were pelted with what seemed like hundreds if not thousands of rolled up (hopefully clean) pairs of socks. Carolyn Almos performed All About Me! Simon Tait in A Muse of Fire! Molly O’Leary performed Storytelling…. and finally Jon Beauregard performed Hi Dad… he deserved the pelting for his surname if nothing more. Apart from being great fun I found you were possibly paying slightly more attention to subjects you might not enjoy and desperately waiting for an excuse to hurl your frustrations or delights on to the stage. **** Reviewed by Sheila Kay Jack

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