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Rebus McTaggart - One4Review

What true Scot with a liking for detective fiction could possibly resist a show called Rebus McTaggart. On the Thursday afternoon I went to see the show it was fairly busy. Richard Thomson aka Rebus McTaggart first came to our attention in the footlights show ‘Millennium Cruise’ along with the other members of that particular cast either working together or in individual shows we have seen them return to the Fringe regularly. Joint Deputy Temporary Head Community Support Liaison Officer Rebus McTaggart, of Ecclefechan is running an information and lecture session for us possible recruits to the Scottish constabulary. Sadly McTaggart has arranged the guest speakers as well as the syllabus.  Basically that means anything can happen and usually does. Psychologists or psychopaths, photo fit artists or pi** artists and as for the pampered police pooch of ….. pedigree well seeing is believing. Richards stage presence has matured with age which is probably more than can be said for his characters. With some of the local references rather lost on visitors us Scots were rolled up with laughter, attempting not to catch his eye as audience participation is compulsory.


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