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Alyssa Kyria: Woman of the Year - One4Review

Welcome to Greece says the sign above the stage, Greek music is playing and a Mediterranean beach scene is projected on the back drop. Where are we? Well it appears that we are at a entertainment night while on holiday in Thessalonica, Greece with Greecey Tours and our hostess is the, most famous Greek WAG Ariadne has been hired as our MC for the evening. Ms Kyra is a character comedian of some renown and certainly knows how to sell everyone of her creations. She has a lot of mileage available to her with Ariadne, recently voted Thessalonica’s woman of the year, but other inventions of Misty the holiday rep, Lynn the sponsors Clayvon’s agent and the woman she took the woman of the year title from, her grandmother Babu, also give her scope to showcase her undoubted skills. Okay I am a Grecophile, it’s not illegal I can assure you, and maybe that helped, but if you have ever been on a package holiday you will know the idea, But who needs airports, dodgy foreign food and sunburn, given the current credit crunch, spend a fraction of those costs and go to this thoroughly entertaining show instead. You know it makes sense. ****

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