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Des Clarke – Destiny - One4Review

As things go Des Clarke is somewhat of a rarity in as much as he is a male Scottish stand-up who is playing a major venue at a peak time and whether this is by design or just the way it turns out, Clarke plays very heavily on his Glaswegian roots and most of his material is certainly ‘tartan flavoured’. His audience the night I witnessed his show was predominately Scottish, perhaps because he has been a TV regular north of the border over the last few years, so at times he had them rocking in the aisles with local references and preconceptions, but I wonder, that given his rather quick delivery style together with his accent may mean that some of the visitors from other shores missed a little of what was a pretty good set. A little self-depreciating about himself and his homeland, Clarke’s set is based on events that have occurred since his visit to a fortuneteller where he felt he got ripped off but did he? The answers can be found by visiting The Cavern, and if you really want to he may be able to arrange for you to meet ‘The Raven’ star of kid’s TV.   ***

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