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Elegies For Angels, Punks And Raging Queens - One4Review

Having seen ‘Elegies’ before, once again thanks to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and enjoying it, I bought the CD. Having listened to it several times over the past couple of months was looking forward to seeing it again. Added to that was having watched the R S A M D’s other production ‘Yeti! – An Abominamusical’ and was relishing the prospect of seeing the same cast in a very different show. Elegies takes as its inspiration The AIDS memorial quilt founded in 1987. The quilt is an ongoing community arts project in which “blocks” measuring approximately 12 feet square, each block made up of eight individual 3ft by 6ft panels sewn together, every one of these colourful panels celebrates and memoralizes the life of a person lost to AIDS, now consisting of more than 40,000 panels. Elegies highlights the life stories of a tiny, yet broad selection of these people and tells there life stories through prose and songs. The cast is alphabetically Erin Breen, Pamela Byrne, Sabrina Carter, Paul Daniel Cloeter, Carmille Devine, Scott Garnham, Herve Goffings, Hannah Hammond, Simon Miron, Daniel Curtis Moser, Chris Will and Jason Zinger. The talent of this cast is undoubtable, having already seen them on display in Yeti! In contrast with the fun of that show, the solemnity of this one displays their ability to perform prose, watch their raw acting abilities and are able to listen to their pure singing voices. These performers could easily be the stars of stage and screen in the future and we get the pleasure in seeing them before they go further in their chosen careers. ****

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