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Help I'm A Teenager, Get Me Out of Here! - One4Review

I am in a total quandary as how to rate this show, devised and performed by K6 Collective, a sixth form group from Norwich, ’cause I’ve never left a theatre feeling as I currently do before. On one hand it is an entertaining piece of theatre, albeit one riddled with clichés. There are so very good performances in this skit on I’m a Celebrity… even with hosts Ant & Dec(!) played by Gareth Rowlands and Luke Oakley. There are bits of Big Brother & X Factor thrown in also, as the final four, Kelly, Sheri Sadd, Leanne played by Natasha Lavery, Darren, Joel Pudwell and Sarah, Christy Johns await to find the winner. In a series of flashbacks we follow these teenagers through their Friday Night as the booze and clubbing takes it’s effect. Each tell their story and each has a drink related issue, some of which a worse than others, but each has a message of how things could possibly been handled better. On the other hand, as a warning to teenagers everywhere this show works very well and gets it’s important message across big time, and the group have already secured some funding to get the message across to the kids and teenagers they portray.   As a Fringe entertainment, it is very rough round the edges, so hence my quandary. How do I rate it? I know, I’ll do both. Fringe rating ** Message rating ****  

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