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One-Man Star Wars Trilogy - One4Review

Anything with Star Wars in the title is going to sell tickets – just ask George Lucas.  So it was unsurprising to see the One-Man Star Wars Trilogy playing to a packed audience. It’s certainly an entertaining show and Charles Ross whizzes through the three good films in the epic space saga.  What is particularly humourous is the way Ross highlights some of the flaws in the scripting and plays up the audience’s perceptions of the characters, therefore we have Luke portrayed as a whining teenager, Han as an oversexualised, testosterone fuelled hero and Obi Wan coming across as, well, a bit smug really.  There’s also sarcastic references a-plenty to the events of the prequels which caused hysterics amongst those gathered, although I’m not too sure Lucas would see the funny side. It’s an impressive sight to see Ross speed through the dialogue and recreating the space battled by running around the stage with arms outstretched – much like a 4-year old child pretending to be an aeroplane.  The only problem with this is that if you’re not completely au fait with every detail in the trilogy then you might begin to feel a little lost.  I haven’t seen the films in a while so for some sections I was simply watching a man running about like a loon whilst making funny noises.  Luckily the oft-quoted lines are there as benchmarks in order to keep you from getting completely bamboozled. It was certainly an entertaining hour and the audience were enjoying themselves but to prevent confusion I’d advise a catch up with the films first. ***  

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